Posters for missing Dutch couple in Murcia

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Posters in Murcia
A team of people from within and outside of Murcia, came together to hang posters throughout the centre of the Spanish city. On the posters, a picture of Lodewijk Severein and Ingrid Visser, the missing couple from The Netherlands, and a QR-Code linking the poster to all the latest updates regarding the investigation. The family is hoping to receive tips or information which will possibly provide new leads in the ongoing investigation.

The volunteers want to contribute there time in helping spread the poster because they sympathize with the family of the missing Ingrid and Lodewijk and thought that to be better than just sit around and wait. Not just Dutch people already present at the Iberian mainland felt called upon, Spanish volunteers came forward to help as well. Today again, many offers are coming in from people in and abroad Spain, who want to come to Murcia and do whatever it takes to bring home Ingrid and Lodewijk.

At this time, the family is considering all possible steps forward they can do themselves to support the ongoing investigation. Communication with the police is going well at this point and the family are confident the authorities will do all that is possible to locate the two. Little progress has been since the car was discovered last wednesday. In the meantime, noteworthy news that Ingrid and Lodewijk have been spotted in the hotel on tuesday the 14th of May, has been shared with the family. The police have confiscated camera footage from the hotel. This footage will be investigated to see if Lodewijk and Ingrid are taped and if so, which clothes they were wearing at the time of their disappearance and for example if they took anything else with them, like a backpack.

If you have any information regarding the whereabouts of Ingrid Visser and Lodewijk Severein, or any other tips that may lead to the denouement of the missing couple, please contact Spanish or Dutch authorities or send an email.

Spanish police Murcia: 0034 – 968 880 364
Dutch police: 0900-6070



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