Both families of Ingrid Visser and Lodewijk Severein still receive a lot of support from the public one year later.

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The Netherlands – May 19th 2014 - One year has passed since Ingrid Visser and Lodewijk Severein went missing in Murcia, Spain. The emotionally difficult weeks and the uncertainty that followed left their marks on both families.

The investigation coordinated by the court, in order to present a case to the prosecutor, has not yet been finalized. Both families are aware that the Dutch community is waiting for news and updates regarding developments in the ongoing investigation. They understand that the public has been deeply involved regarding this specific case and still sympathize greatly with both families with each new publication.

Although both families have decided not to respond publicly at this point in time – to prevent any disturbance in the official investigation – they are very grateful for all different kinds of support given to them and would like to thank everyone who have expressed their thoughts and feelings over the past year to both families. Both families keep receiving heart-warming cards, flowers, letters and personal messages via texts, phone-calls and email every day. These massive personal notes of support and kindness remain a major source of strength in these, still so very difficult times.

We draw great energy and support from the direct and indirect involvement from people in the Netherlands and far beyond the Dutch borders and we know this news has been hard to comprehend on so many of you as well. The website still receives many visitors every single day and therefore we’ve decided to keep the site online until the case is closed.

Families Ingrid Visser and Lodewijk Severein

Note to the PRESS: We would like to ask all media with any requests, to talk directly with our press spokesman via +31 (0) 6 300 430 40 or via email at The families will be informed on all matters regarding the media simultaneously. Contacting us will only be possible through our spokesman. Other attempts of contact will not be appreciated.

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