Press release: Response from the families to the verdict of the jury regarding the murder of Lodewijk Severein and Ingrid Visser

Posted by on Oct 27, 2016 in News

Press Release

Murcia, Spain – October 27th, 2016
Response from the families of Lodewijk and Ingrid to the verdict of the jury regarding the murder off Lodewijk Severein and Ingrid Visser

Today we received the verdict of the jury.

The jury has judged the facts regarding the indictment and found two suspects guilty on all charges.
Although we are convinced regarding the conscientiousness on which the Spanish authorities have processed this case, we find it absolutely incomprehensible and extremely disappointing that Constantin Stan has not been found guilty regarding the foremost facts of which he was indicted, but solely found guilty for concealing and that Serafin de Alba has been completely cleared on all charges.
We fully expect, based on all evidence presented during the trial by the prosecution, the district attorney will seek to appeal in this case.

The families have put their trust in a suitable sentencing by the judge regarding the suspects who have been found guilty on all charges. We will calmly await sentencing in this trial and expect the media to respect this stance so we can come with a full statement after receiving the complete verdict.

Regarding press inquiries or other media-related questions please use our contact form or contact the spokesman of both families Visser and Severein directly at +31 (0) 6 300 430 40
Information will solely be provided by our spokesperson. Other ways of contacting the families directly is not appreciated.