Press release: Response from the families to the verdict of the jury regarding the murder of Lodewijk Severein and Ingrid Visser

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Press Release

Murcia, Spain – October 27th, 2016
Response from the families of Lodewijk and Ingrid to the verdict of the jury regarding the murder off Lodewijk Severein and Ingrid Visser

Today we received the verdict of the jury.

The jury has judged the facts regarding the indictment and found two suspects guilty on all charges.
Although we are convinced regarding the conscientiousness on which the Spanish authorities have processed this case, we find it absolutely incomprehensible and extremely disappointing that Constantin Stan has not been found guilty regarding the foremost facts of which he was indicted, but solely found guilty for concealing and that Serafin de Alba has been completely cleared on all charges.
We fully expect, based on all evidence presented during the trial by the prosecution, the district attorney will seek to appeal in this case.

The families have put their trust in a suitable sentencing by the judge regarding the suspects who have been found guilty on all charges. We will calmly await sentencing in this trial and expect the media to respect this stance so we can come with a full statement after receiving the complete verdict.

Regarding press inquiries or other media-related questions please use our contact form or contact the spokesman of both families Visser and Severein directly at +31 (0) 6 300 430 40
Information will solely be provided by our spokesperson. Other ways of contacting the families directly is not appreciated.

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Both families of Ingrid Visser and Lodewijk Severein still receive a lot of support from the public one year later.

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The Netherlands – May 19th 2014 - One year has passed since Ingrid Visser and Lodewijk Severein went missing in Murcia, Spain. The emotionally difficult weeks and the uncertainty that followed left their marks on both families.

The investigation coordinated by the court, in order to present a case to the prosecutor, has not yet been finalized. Both families are aware that the Dutch community is waiting for news and updates regarding developments in the ongoing investigation. They understand that the public has been deeply involved regarding this specific case and still sympathize greatly with both families with each new publication.

Although both families have decided not to respond publicly at this point in time – to prevent any disturbance in the official investigation – they are very grateful for all different kinds of support given to them and would like to thank everyone who have expressed their thoughts and feelings over the past year to both families. Both families keep receiving heart-warming cards, flowers, letters and personal messages via texts, phone-calls and email every day. These massive personal notes of support and kindness remain a major source of strength in these, still so very difficult times.

We draw great energy and support from the direct and indirect involvement from people in the Netherlands and far beyond the Dutch borders and we know this news has been hard to comprehend on so many of you as well. The website still receives many visitors every single day and therefore we’ve decided to keep the site online until the case is closed.

Families Ingrid Visser and Lodewijk Severein

Note to the PRESS: We would like to ask all media with any requests, to talk directly with our press spokesman via +31 (0) 6 300 430 40 or via email at The families will be informed on all matters regarding the media simultaneously. Contacting us will only be possible through our spokesman. Other attempts of contact will not be appreciated.

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Impressive farewell Ingrid Visser and Lodewijk Severein

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Impressive Farewell
Ingrid Visser & Lodewijk Severein
June 15th, 2013

Chaïne Staelens en Francien Huurman

Chaïne Staelens en Francien Huurman – Picture: Ronald Hoogendoorn

Statement on behalf of the family Visser & family Severein

Where to start..

Today, amongst many friends, acquaintances, colleagues, fans and many others, we have said goodbye to our loved ones Ingrid and Lodewijk.

Only a few weeks ago they traveled to the Spanish region Murcia for a short visit. Almost immediately upon arrival they disappeared forever from our sight. Days of endless tension, searching for answers and signs of life, full of hope but extremely worried, we finally received word that they had been killed.
The worst case scenario became reality.

Two great personalities both full of life, were suddenly, abruptly and pointlessly robed of their existence. What should have been future will forever remain past.

Intensely sad, but with an indelible memory of their lives, we must go on from here. Both families are linked together forever by this cruel act but will try to focus on the memories of these two precious and beautiful people who had chosen for each other in love.

We want everyone here today and all of those who have commented in such large numbers in recent weeks to know that we are very grateful for all your support. Grateful for the kind words of wisdom and all the warmth we’ve received in these so incredibly difficult times for us asa family. We feel empowered, knowing that Lodewijk & Ingrid have meant so much to so many of you and that they have made an indelible impression on you all as well during their lifetime.

The flowers that you’ve brought here today will be given a beautiful spot on National Sports Centre Papendal in Arnhem (The Netherlands). Along with – a picture of Ingrid and Lodewijk and an Interland-match-t-Shirt of Ingrid with number 15 – they will form a temporary memorial monument opening this Sunday. It will be accessible to the public during business-hours. Thus, it becomes a place for all who want to take a moment to reflect on their lives.

We want to express our appreciation to the people giving speeches today who wanted to share their beloved memories on Lodewijk & Ingrid with us and with everyone here.

We want to express our gratitude towards the Spanish and Dutch police for their commitment, cooperation and shown understanding. In addition, the Dutch Embassy in Madrid for their compassion and assistance.
The vast majority of the press for their respectful and professional reporting.
The DELA for their care and professional guidance during this farewell.
The Dutch Volleyball Federation for giving us this opportunity to work together with everyone and to create this farewell on the same field, they both loved so dearly.

Praise as well to all volunteers and businesses that have made this possible in their selfless commitment and support. And special thanks to sports photographer Ronald Hoogendoorn for providing us with his photographs of Ingrid and Lodewijk.

We particularly want to express a word of our sincerest gratitude towards Miriam van de Velde. She courageously took the difficult task upon her to represent us in Spain. During the early stages of their missing and even after the devastating news arrived.

Thank you dear Ingrid and Lodewijk, for all that you have meant to us and to many others out there. We will make sure that your memory will live on after today.

Time to say our goodbyes is almost over now. Each of us will try to take on the difficulties that now seem to aries and pick up the thread of life best we can. The support and loving warmth we have received form all will be a tremendous support in times to come.

Thank you all for understanding and respecting our withdrawnness from the media and awarding us the peace and quiet to process our grieve to give this a place in our hearts.

Family Fishing & Family Severein


Shirt Ingrid Visser

Shirt Ingrid Visser – Picture: Ronald Hoogendoorn

Number 15 will belong to Ingrid Visser forever
Hans NieukerkeDuring the impressive memorial service for Ingrid Visser and Lodewijk Severein in Topsportcentre Almere this afternoon, Nevobo (Dutch Volleyball Bond) announced that Shirt-number 15 will belong to Ingrid forever. “Regarding Ingrid’s merit as record-international and her significance to the Dutch National team and Dutch volleyball, this simply seems appropriate” according to Nevobo’s chairman Hans Nieukerke. “While consulting with the family and the current Dutch team, we have decided that this should be part of our posthumous tribute to Ingrid. Ingrid and Lodewijk will never be forgotten.

Ingrid’s shirts will be given a nice place in Top Sport-centre Almere, home to the Dutch women’s team until just last year, another one at Papendal, home to the current Dutch national team.

In addition to family and friends of Ingrid and Lodewijk, the (inter)national volleyball community has taken this opportunity for a grand farewell regarding these two beloved people in our volleyball community. “It’s good to see that our community has expressed there respect so massively to Ingrid and Lodewijk. It was a beautiful and very crowded tribute. I am happy with this way of support to the family and friends, “said Nieukerke.

The family requested everyone attending to bring one flower for the two departed. Together with the many flower arrangements, these will be getting a temporary place in front of the sport-centre at Papendal, current training location to the current Dutch national team.

Today it became clear what being a team means in the volleyball community where Ingrid and lodewijk were part of. Everyone is here together, as if it was the usual way. But it certainly was not ..

Pressrelease regarding farewell Ingrid Visser and Lodewijk Severein on behalf of both families
Pressrelease Nevobo (Dutch Volleyball association) Number 15 will always belong to Ingrid Visser

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Press Release: The family of Ingrid Visser and Lodewijk Severein asks to be left in peace and requests some restraint regarding media coverage

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Press Release

The family of Ingrid Visser and Lodewijk Severein asks to be left in peace and requests some restraint regarding media coverage

Since early this morning, the family of the murdered Ingrid Visser and Lodewijk Severein is being confronted with reports regarding the the death of the two, containing gruesome details.  Yet, the family has not yet been informed by the authorities about any of the mentioned details.

It is incomprehensible for the families that the press got a hold of these specifics sooner then the family itself. The way certain media seem to feel the need to report about these details is perceived as very shocking and almost unbearable to the family.

The family feels supported by the reaction of many people at home and abroad, via email, phone and social media, in which they have expressed their utmost disgust about the contributions of certain media.

The family is very grateful for the commitment and interest that the media has shown during the days when the family was still looking for Ingrid and Lodewijk and is aware of the fact that broadcasting news is inevitable. In addition, the family also realizes that only parts of the media felt the need to publish these specific details. For now, the family requests the media, to do there work with respect to the family and loved ones and asks them to be reticent where possible to prevent unnecessary suffering for relatives, friends and all others associated with them.

The family wishes to process their loss in peace and requests everyone to take that into consideration.

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Press release: Two Romanian suspects arrested in murder investigation Ingrid Visser and Lodewijk Severein

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Press release:

Two Romanian suspects arrested in murder investigation Ingrid Visser and Lodewijk Severein

It is now clear that the police have arrested two suspects who both have Romanian nationality. The two suspects  are currently held directly responsible for the murder of both Ingrid and Lodewijk.

Meanwhile, an announcement has been made that another press conference will be held later this afternoon at 18:00 hrs in the Delegacion de Gobierno regarding this investigation.

The family will continue to monitor developments and bring news to the attention of the public once this is officially confirmed to us.

Do you have information or tips about this matter, please contact the police:

Police in Murcia: +34 968 880 364

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Press release: The family of Ingrid Visser and Lodewijk Severein have been informed during the night by the Spanish police

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The family of Ingrid Visser and Lodewijk Severein have been informed during the night by the Spanish police about the discovery of two bodies, a man and a woman. Identification is still in progress. In spite of the fact that there is no confirmation at this time, the family has been shocked by the news!

We request you to contact the spokesman of the family regarding any communication.

We are doing the best we can to answer all calls and emails as best as we can and we do apologize if we cannot answer all right away.

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