Special Thanks

The family of Ingrid Visser & Lodewijk Severein
wants to give special thanks to some people
and businesses in particular for their voluntary contribution, support and dedication
during the past few weeks.

Ingrid Visser en Lodewijk Severein | photo: Ronald Hoogendoorn

Ingrid Visser en Lodewijk Severein | Foto: Ronald Hoogendoorn

Our spokesman: Miriam van de Velde

The Dutch Volleybal Bond Nevobo
For making it possible to have this impressive farewell at Topsportcentrum Almere

DELA for their care and professional guidance during these difficult times

Topsportcentrum Almere for providing the location


Photographer: Ronald Hoogendoorn & Photography Hoogendoorn
For providing images

Journalist: Pedro J. Navarro
For all is help regarding the Spanish Media

Hotel: Arco de San Juan
For providing space to hold the press conference

Prints: Rapid Color

Public transportation in Murcia: LatBus
For hanging the posters in all their buses

All other volunteers who have contributed by for example, putting up posters.

And furthermore:

The Dutch Embassy in Madrid

The National Police Corps in Murcia

The majority of the Media
For their professional cooperation